Mulholland Drive – Attempt no 2

A year ago I watched Mulholland Drive for the second time.
It turned out that in recent years my perception of the film has changed a lot since I have become more cynical and have already seen a lot.
As for the plot content of the film, I think the director came up with the idea of ​​showing the story of the trip to the address on Mulholland Drive 2 times, and the second time the girl in this scheme is already different, and many details become clear from the final conversation at the table.
Well! This is a great idea!
But to tell the truth, this plot action would take on the screen not 2 and a half hours, but only about 40 minutes of the film.
Therefore, all the rest of the time Lynch is occupied with some kind of outsiders, funny broken plot lines leading to nowhere. Lynch loves to laugh, and deliberately places mysterious points during the film so that the viewer can rack his brain happily over it.

That is why this time I watched this film as a comedy, or rather, as a set of funny sketches.
Judge for yourself: then we see in the frame a certain so-called mysterious chief sitting in the chair, to whom the situation is reported and who is listening. Then our attention is switched to negotiations, and then to the quarrels of the director in black glasses with the Italian mafia. Or one more funny sketch – the husband finds his wife’s lover at home, or the champion of “incomprehensibility” – the so-called scene in a cafe. Or those strange pop numbers on the stage of the Silesio Theater, crowned with a blue cube!

Oh, earlier I could really think seriously: but what means this kind of blue cube with no less blue key? :))

The picture is quite stylish, one might even say – “very stylish”.
All in all, I really loved the impressive music and the panorama of the city’s night lights in the background. And a very exciting feeling when a car is driving to such music in the dark.

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