Research institutions of the Soviet era

I was amused by the peculiar style of the world of dust-covered appliances, typical for a research institute. It came to my mind that no one had touched these old devices for years, and even if they had been touched, they still looked abandoned and disused.

In addition to such devices in the premises of institutes one could come across other curious objects that existed in a single copy in the whole world. For example, in the room of one head of the laboratory, I was attracted to a skull-shaped ashtray which seemed something pirate. And while on work-related trip in Nizhny Novgorod, I noticed a goose feather inserted in a special stand swinging like a Weeble.

In various laboratories of the Institute, I came across sheets with funny inscriptions. For example, in the “List of Brilliant Ideas” it was proposed to appoint such-and-such staff member as a director of the institute. I saw “Leaf of Rage. In the case of rage, this leaf should be grabbed , crumpled and teared up in little pieces” with the image of a furious bull depicted below. Or the inscription on the door “Our joy of your visit knows no bounds”, featuring a giant with an ugly grimace.

Later it turned out that this humor had been borrowed from some American physical journal.

It was a quote from ” Flirting over a Cup of Coffee” (The Unbearable Longing of the Flesh Book 3) .

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