Herbalife and others

In those days, representatives of network marketing were wandering around the streets of Moscow. The internal structure of such companies, reminiscent of the complicated hierarchy of the bee community, was built very competently: lower level employees a priori would have never risen to the upper echelons parasitizing on their “slaves”, but, at the same time, they had the stromgest incentives to earn something in the absence of a fixed part of the salary. That’s why, dressed in their finest suits, these active young people were walking along the streets of Moscow and used to rush to the gray-faced unsmiling residents, blocking their way. “Congratulations, you have won a prize!” they shouted to you right out of the gate.

And then one could see how it was going. Would you enter into a long and dangerous talk with them, or, shaking your string bag decisively, would demand giving way and would wander further with your boring things?

It was a quote from ” Flirting over a Cup of Coffee” (The Unbearable Longing of the Flesh Book 3) .

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